The Malaise of Academic Scholarship
Maureen A. Blue, Ed.D., Professor and Director, Ed.D. Programs in Educational Leadership K-12, Saint Peter's University.

Endorser Perspective. From the view of professor and administrator who deals on a daily basis with doctoral candidates working on their dissertations. 

John Hampton's book brings critical attention to the inefficiencies, problems and concerns that plaque the high attrition rate of doctoral students. The book identifies the need for scholarly research and inquiry to understand degree completion, and bring renewed national attention to this education issue confronting our nation. Higher education is held accountable for the success or failure of their institution. Prioritizing degree completion as a link to maximize student learning is key to ensuring student success.

The Author, John (Jack) Hampton
Professor, Saint Peter’s University.
Former dean at Seton Hall and Connecticut State universities and provost of SUNY Maritime in New York City.
Why it Starts with the Doctoral Dissertation as a Baptism of Fire